Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Chain Bridge Honey Farm - some more photos...

Some more photos from Chain Bridge Honey Farm...

Heather showing us how the wooden honey frames are put into large centrifuge.

Frances bottling and labelling the honey.

 The large plastic vats that store the honey before bottling.

Candles made from beeswax.

The most popular beeswax candle - the little beehive.

Solidified pure beeswax.

Solidified pure beeswax.

Candles made from rolled sheets of beeswax.

The wooden frames once the honeycomb has been removed - they are thoroughly cleaned to make sure all propolis has been collected, and there is no wastage.

The removal of the honeycomb from the wooden frame - there is no wastage, as honey from the wooden frame is scraped into containers - that are sold as "not perfect quality" cooking honey in large quantities to restaurants, bakers etc.

Honeycomb after having been sliced from the wooden frame, and being cut into squares.  

The honeycomb being sliced into squares - these are then sold - this is also the stage where we got to taste test! The honeycomb is waxy and chewy, and the concentration of honey is immense.

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