Friday, 15 July 2011

No Class. Yet still doing homework...

So my next attempt at some homework. The Pharmacopeia... when I find the write book I want as well... which I will no doubt find when I go for a wander in Paperchase!

I like the idea of consumable herbal remedies, and not infusions! I may be the pickiest person in the world to try and get to eat things and drink things... so I figure, I am also the perfect person to find something that is not only herbally-infused and tasty but aesthetically pleasing. I believe herbal remedies have to be acceptable to the palate, acceptable to the majority, be fun to make and prepare, and be as easily accessible as pharmaceuticals. Because, lets be honest, pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs and supermarket stock lists - they make everything easily accessible, to the point of its easier to go and buy some Paracetamol than even considering that your headache may be down to dehydration. They make for an easy fix. And the only major issue I see with herbal preparations, is that it may take some time before an effect can be clearly noticed, whether or not in the long run the herbal preparation is considerably more successful than any pharmaceutical medicines. It is a mindset of the times, that pharmaceutical medicines will always work and herbal preparations don't have that set success rate - whether or not that is actually true. As there is a lot of published evidence, for example, showing that anti-depressant are as successful as placebos when given to people with mild to moderate cases of depressions - so surely, this gives a herbal preparation a standing chance? As whatever "level" of depression is suffered by the patient, a herbal remedy can be concocted to suit the particular patient.

Anyways, slight diversion from the point there. Basically, instead of making a variety of creams, lotions and salves, I prefer to make cordials, syrups, treats and culinary delights to make herbal preparations accessible to all ages and, lets be honest, fun to make!

This will, of course, make its way into a proper Pharmacopeia with the relevant recipe and a range of photos to show the process - as that makes everything easier!

However, after my little collection day and drying day - Nettles, Mint and Rose Petals. I had an urge to create things. So using fresh Mint and the zest and juice of a Lemon, I made - what turned out to be - very scrummy little cupcakes.
Mint and Lemon cupcakes.

Iced and decorated Mint and Lemon cupcakes.

Then while pursuing through several recipe books, I found the delightful recipe for Green Tea drizzle cake - while searching the cupboards for Green Tea I came across a fabulous Neal's Yard mix - which I won't share with you just yet, as the cake has not been made yet, however I did make the syrup. After a failed attempt, I tried once more to make the syrup - success! Tinting it with some vodka to help preserve it, I shelved it next to my nice little glass jars filled with dried herbs - Practical Magic herb room here I come!

And my new idea... is to create a flapjack, and instead of using the standard golden syrup, to use a herbal-infused syrup. 

I know, they have the downside of being sweets, treats and confectionery - however, who doesn't like a cake? And if its filled with good stuff, makes it even better right?! 

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