Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day One at RBGE

First day at RBGE.

Today was the intro day, I managed to make it through for 10am, parked my car in John Lewis and stormed down the hill to the gardens.
The day was relaxed, there are 6 other people doing the RBGE course: Sarah, Christie, Margaret, Ali, Becka, Michael and then myself.

We had an intro from Catherine, a general chit-chat over a cup of heather tea - bleurgh, I hate tea, but I'd forgotten to pick up a bottle of water so I drank it.

Kirstin then came in to give us our fobs, so we could get in and out of RBGE ourselves, get us to sign a bunch of different papers, take our photos and get a blurb from us for the student website, and allowed us to order our gardening gloves, polo shirts etc.

We checked out the staff cafe, which is quite nice, good selection of food and things, plus its not too expensive, which is good as well.

Matty then gave us our health and safety briefing, which lasted for a good hour - including slide show. It was more designed for the horti students than the herbology students, but I'm used to hearing it all thanks to work. It was good to know about the Sudden Oak Death though, and I began to behave and walked on the sodden soapy matts instead of dodging round them.

We then got to see the Nursery, and the place where our students plots would be. They're fairly substansial plots, and it looks like the students with distinctions last year, had linked their student plots with their dissertations and the rest of their work, they found a theme. So I began to try and find the links between the theme I want to use, which is a continuation of my Superfoods dissertation from HW, and the student plots etc.

The day finished quite promptly at 4.30pm.

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