Saturday, 9 October 2010

Self Study - Botanical Information: Saxifrage, Sage, Almond & Corn

This essence helps balance the right and left brain so your logical and creative skills come together. It encourages serenity and an ability to weigh up the value of freah ideas, opening you to new thoughts without getting caught up in emotional reaction. It helps you apply your spiritual learnings in everyday life. It supports you in giving balanced emphasis to your soul's needs as well as your need for appreciation and reward in the material world. When you've found this healthy relationship between ego and spirit, you're better able to receive meaningful and authentic abundance.

Sage allows spiritual inspiration to integrate with your personality so you're able to view problems from a more detached viewpoint. It releases physical tension, encouraging you to take life less seriously, allowing for more laughter and a lighter approach. It is a great cleanser of negative psychic energy and awakens your own psychic abilities. Sage can help you identify your deeper spiritual purpose and clarify your resistance to receiving soul wisdom. It stimulates the heart and abdominal chakras.

Almond brings maturity, helping you resolve unconscious fears. It helps you see that all you need is within you. It's wonderful if you're fearful of changing direction. Almond helps you detach from past difficulties and patterns, showing you a fresh way forward. It connects you with your soul teachings. As you shed familiar identities you live less in reaction to your past. You gain self-worth so that you're unaffected by others who may feel threatened by your changing personality. You begin to rely on your intuition and to understand what feelings are true guidance and what is just the promptings of your ego. Almond enables you to step out of emotion and see where your patterns originated. It also gives insight into the gifts you gained during past difficulties.

Corn essence cleanses the emotional body, enabling you to disentangle from emotional issues so you can see the situation more clearly. It also makes it easier for you to accept both your masculine and feminine sides, which helps decision making. If you're having difficulty paying bills this essence helps calm you so you can deal with things sensibly. It's a valuable support when making long-term commitments such as buying property or signing contracts. Corn helps deepen your spiritual connection to the Earth. It's excellent if you're on edge, spacing out or having difficulty concentrating. It helps bad dreams, as it strengthens the astral body and brings emotional balance to the solar plexus chakra.

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